Monday, November 16, 2009

All About Love and People

Living far from your homeland and being alone is not easy nor difficult for us to go through. At the beginning, I found it hard and uneasy to adapt to my new environment. As time goes by, I'm getting used to it with longing misses to my loved ones in Malaysia. One thing does disturbed my mind, the love gossips all over me. I'm not stating I'm the only one having trouble with it but the people around the world face the same thing.

Thank God, my family and my best friends never ever sabotages people relationship by giving pressure to both parties or bad-mouthing all the time. My family taught me never ever tries to damage people relationship as you have no rights to do so. I agree personally. Why would you want to interfere or complain while you are not the person who is going to spend the rest of your life with them? You have your own husband/ wife, or bf/ gf, or enjoy single life, why would you want to interfere other people love relationship which supposing none of your business? It is pitiful when the person did not do anything wrong to you.

People have their own different living style and their own thinking is a very normal thing. This is the reason why we are unique individuals! Some people may love wearing T-shirt, some people may love wearing dress, some people may love wearing jeans, and etc. Just because people don’t wear the same type of attire, you can use this reason as weapon in destroying people relationship? You may say you did not, every time you bad-mouthed people due to this reason, what are you doing? You are destroying people love relationship. When you are trying to pull a long gap between the couple and breaking the communication between them, what are you doing? You are destroying people love relationship. Even some may go worst than that by accusing the person is bad because he/she has a good level of drinking. What is this?

The other scenario is your ex. I would like to use the real example scenario from a person I known. He has an ex-gf whom they broke up due to the unfaithfulness of the girl. FYI, the ex-gf previously cheated on him by dating numerous of guys and even got herself pregnant from one of her crazy night affair. She blames other people for her misbehaving without feeling regret of wrongdoings. Even got caught, she gave a ridiculous reason of being possessed in order to deny her fault. After broke up, she still continue her dating as usual and he decided to move on. After recovery period, he manages to start a new love relationship. Funny part is, she became so emotionally by thinking to kill herself after killing the current gf of her ex-bf while she was dating other guy. I’m pretty worried the innocent gf of him as her safety definitely being threaten. His ex-gf has the record of hurting herself with a knife and chasing him with a knife before too. (I mean there is really blood and injury!)

If I’m in the love relationship, honestly, I would rather choose to break up than going through this. First, I would not want to ruin my loved one family relationship or friendship. Second, I do not want to live my life with the interruption of unnecessary conflicts of other parties. Of course before I made this decision, I definitely give an ample of time for my loved one to stop this unnecessary interruption. If interruption came from your family, talk nicely and question them what is the problem with them when your loved one is different from them? They are not criminal, they did nothing wrong, they are just different culture. Most important who are the one marrying them? Friend’s interruption, they are not even qualified to be your friend. A friend is the one who understand and support you along the way and not trying to break you down. If it came from psycho people as described above, delete or throw any possible items or pictures in order to avoid any misunderstanding and draw a clear line.

What happen to people around the world now? Why there is people who have weird thinking? Why people want to do stupid things and hurt people through love relationship? Why people do not appreciate their lives? We shall be grateful if we are healthy and alive with great things ahead us. If we don’t start living our life by appreciating it well, those people who want to live but they can’t due to disease or unfortunate incidents will feel unfair as they deserve to live better rather than you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Planning for my trip

I have told myself to go for a trip at least once a year and I'm searching for the best place to go this year. Of course, I'm trying hard to stabilize my financial in Singapore to work on my trip by end of this year. All along I was thinking Bali, Thailand or anywhere that attracts me. It seems so undecidable. Therefore, I wish to stick to my original plan, Pulau Redang. I have never been there before and I love beach. I love swimming! I love snorkelling! I love it!
Of course, no fun going all alone by myself. If anyone interested to go Pulau Redang, kindly give me a msg in facebook or msn. We try to plan together on our schedule to go. Second choice of mine, Cameron Highland. Strawberries! Strawberries! and Strawberries! Flowers! However, it is difficult to go there unless you have a car with at least 1.6cc. Shame to say that I need a driver as well because I don't drive even though I have driving license. Hahaha! Anyway, I plan to buy a car in future and I learn to drive back. No worries my sister. (Don't lecture me for not driving as I know you feel bored to drive me all around especially Sis Evonne~)
I wish to try my ever first paintball experience. I love excitement! Yeah! Is there anyone interested to go for jungle trekking, cave adventure, and etc, kindly ask me along. I try to work out my schedule. I'm appreciating if it is fall on weekends with public holidays. My cousin Ben, my two sis, we gotta work this out! Since you are in Malaysia, just update me on the date, time and place, I try to plan my way back to Malaysia! Yeah!
Oh gang of Mei Ling requested on our second trip, I'm not sure the place that all of you wish to go. Chairman Mei Ling, since you have call everyone of us to gather on 19 sept, maybe you wish to ask everyone on the same day. Sorry to see you calling each of everyone of us. Let us give a helping hand to our darling Mei Ling here. Just drop her a msg in msn or facebook on our update and schedule. As I promised, I will keep you update in advance.
I shall get back to my work report...gosh~~~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to blogging...

First update on my work environment. Previously as I mentioned, I went to Ichiban Boshi at Novena Square, Ichiban Sushi at Toa Payoh and followed by Kushin-Bo at Jurong Point. I went there for a week training. Then, I proceed 3 days in Yaki-Yaki Bo and 3 days in Men-Ichi. I'm having lots of fun in Jurong Point as the people over there is really nice and friendly. They really work like a family. For customer, it's really fun to go there and have a meal as you can dine in either Ichiban Sushi, Yaki-Yaki Bo or Men-Ichi and you can place your order for 3 outlets at the same time. My last restaurant training is Ichiban Boshi at Great World City. I just went back to office on Monday. I'm so happy to go back where I shall belong.
I'm glad to play match-making clothes again to work and live my life as a normal person once again. Thank God!
I'm back to catch up one tree hill season 6. I'm waiting for Ugly Betty Season 4 and One Tree Hill Season 7. Both of the movies are my favorite. I'm thrill to update myself with latest movies such as Time Traveller's Wife, Final Destination 4, and The Proposal. All thanks to one great person who puts a lot of efforts to update me with all the entertainment. Thank you, Chris. I'm really appreciating it. It's really fun hanging out with you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being my English Tutor as well. I'm still a long way to learn...
Then, my darling mei ling, don't kill me off as I will drag myself back to Malaysia and make it for the gathering on 19 Sept 2009. I still remember I'm the only one who make it to the airport to bid farewell to you when you are leaving Malaysia to Australia. Hope you make it happen to pick me up when I'm back to Seremban from Singapore. Hahaha! I'm just joking with you. Well, you make the appointment with me one month before, how can I say no? Futhermore, i miss our gang gathering. It's been such a long we didn't meet up together. I really miss the moments we had before. Too much crazy stuff and crazy talks all around.
I'm looking forward to hang out with you this Saturday, Derrine. Another crazy gathering I guess. Girls can be crazy huh...We do love gathering.
I shall continue this blog in later day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been a while

Ít's been a while since I wrote my last post. I do not know why I'm not so sure what to share with everybody here for this time. I am encountered too much ups and downs at the same time lately, I'm not sure which I shll begin first for the moment. Let me think about it...
Some of my friends start to ask where do i undergo my training until it seems to cost so much pains and inspiration to my life here in Singapore. My first training was started at Ichiban Boshi in Novena Square for almost a month time. Then, I proceed to Ichiban Sushi in Toa Payoh. I'm going to another outlet next week which I'm reluctant to reveal it for the moment. (I don't hope I will be the animals in the zoo for display).
Even though Ichiban Boshi is bigger than the Ichiban Sushi, the trays are heavier, I still prefer to work in Ichiban Boshi than Ichiban Sushi. I don't denied that I'm having a rough first week in Ichiban Boshi, surprisingly I never ever need to take MC or longing for my off day. It just happened to be, I've got sprained anklets, more bruises and more hidden injuries. I feel weak in Ichiban Sushi. My time are overly squeeze there. I work much longer in Ichiban Sushi in a day. In Ichiban Boshi, my record was just 10am until 10.30pm (earliest and latest) while the other is 9am until 11pm. (Work like a mad cow *mooOOO)
If yo have the chance to make wasabi of your own, please prepare yourself a few tissue as you will just happened to cry. I made a large bowl of wasabi before and it is worst than cutting the big onions! Oh my god, I could not stop my tears unless I'm done. (Anyhow, it is the best time to cry...Hahaha!) When you are happened to visit a restaurant with lots of people, I hope you can have a tiny little kind consideration towards the staffs over there. They are not neglecting you, they are just busy with the other customers. They will get back to you later or kindly call them for reminder. A simple consideration do makes a huge difference for them. This experience is really life changing. Please don't be a fussy and demanding customers. (Imagine your loved one has to serve someone like this!)
Next, I'm sincerely apologizing to all the people who tried to ask me out and a friendly offer to be my tour guide in Singapore, I'm so sorry to turn you down as I do select whom to go out with especially the opposite gender. I'm only interested to go out with those who give me a secure feelings with no other intention or purpose with me. Thank God as I do have my best tour guide showing me around in Singapore and thank you for showing me the best food, best bargain, best place and best memories!
I'm very happy to have my many first time experiences while I'm exploring the Singapore. The most recent one, my "Nail Pedicure". (all thumbs up for this!) Oh my God! The feeling is great and wonderful as I could feel my dead foots are back to alive. Here come my princess foots! (Yea! Hip Hip Hurray!) I miss them so much ever since I have been working in a drastic environement. I do plan to try on my nail manicure when I'm back ot office environment in a few weeks time. I can't wait for the time to come. Slowly, I'm going for my gym (However, I'm missing my swimming moments though) and get my eyebrows done. Let me think what else it could be...(oops..too much to be named here)
I miss the Pasar Malam in Malaysia where I can get my Tom Yam and Curry Fish Balls. I love street food in fact as they are originally homemade abd the price is reasonable. I miss my hometown Dim Sum (check it out, there is the only place I find variety of fish balls!), Hong Kong Wanton Mee, Asam Laksa, Fish Porridge, Siew Pau and my most favorite dessert Kee Mei Egg Tart! I feel so hungry already. (here comes my licking tongue and saliva dripping...) I could not think further my mom's cooking. I definitely will fly back to Malaysia just to taste my mom's food and return to Singapore to work. (due to time and cost, I just dream about it...hehehe)
I need to cut my hair and straightenup my hair for easy care due to my current training. I know I can perm my hair back after the training. It's funny to recall back the memory I'm with my family when we plan to go out for dinner. I'm kinda miss the moments where they chase me out from the bathroom quickly and force me to be the first one to bath. (Hahaha!) Bath is still the best moment for me. Nothing feel more relax and refresh other than bath! (Yea!)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lessons that I've learned

Certain people may waste their time and chances along the way of their lives. Even they realize it, either it is too late or they prefer to have the regrets for the rest of their lives. It is strange enough why does people do not think any possible way to mend it or grab the second chance that is coming. They prefer to give up and just go any way that is provided or easy for them. Of course, they might be afraid to make the first step because they scare of the word, "Fail". Fail can be link to "Pain".
I myself do encounter this problem as well. I'm always try the hardest to make all the people surrounds me to be happy especially all my loved ones. Í'm willingly to do anything to make them happy. No one could ever believe I did it, except the ones who knew me well. I have the difficulty to make certain decisions in my life as I place the consideration of others before myself. I just don't hope my decision may caused the hurt and pain for the people surrounds me as I care for everybody in my life. This is where I caught in my own dillemma. I sacrifice certain important things in my life just to make things easier and happier for other people. All this while, I did not blame anybody or expect any returns except happiness from them.
Until today, I realize this is the wrong way to make a decision. It is important and great to consider other people's feelings first before own, it is more important the decision you made makes you happy. I believe your loved ones should be supportive and understand the decisions you have made regardless it is right or wrong. (This exclude illegal crimes or wrong ethics) You will never know until you make the first move. It's pretty scary if it is wrong as you may fail and pain. However, let us look at the bright side, you will learn your lesson and improve from there. It is never too late to mend your mistakes. (In fact, you have nothing to lose) Once you lost it, there is no way to get it back. You may ended up in misery and regret. Please give yourself a chance. Don't be scare to fail and pain as you may never know things may be turn the other way round. ("Success"and "Sweet")
I'm pretty surprise to my family as I often made drastic falls and drastic changes. I'm glad one thing. Although I turn myself from a princess life to a servant life, they are always being supportive and care about me. Nobody (except family) could understand why I torture myself this way. I'm proud to say, I learn to be tough, strong and I'm going to prove you that nothing is impossible in my life. I don't need you to blame or nag me that I'm wrong, all I want is a respect of my decision. If you are not happy about it, learn to accept it. I'm not afraid anymore to fail and pain as I believe it will brings me to success and sweet.
I will try to understand and tolerate in any possible way that I could, I just can't continue sacrifice certain things in my life anymore. I do not want any regrets in my life for doing it. It's time for the pearl to get out from the shell to see other parts of the world. I plan to go travel at least once a year no matter what happens. (Any planning to join me?)
Dear family, I hope no matter what worst going to happen, what worst decision I'm going to make, I'm just hope you are always understand and support me along the way. Please believe in every decision I made in future, there is a reason of mine for doing it. Please tell mom and dad that I miss them very much. I'll go back once my career over here is going steady. I love you. Other than that, I will share in details with you via email. Thank you in advance for your advice and understanding.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stay Connected

Sometimes in our lives, we are hardly to stay connected with your friends, relatives or even your loved ones. We seems so near to them, yet so far to be together with them. For certain people, they manage to keep in touch with most people. Have you wondering you are joining which team as above? Did you try to keep in touch with them?
For my case, I'm lucky to stay connected with my siblings, my cousin Ben, and my sweetheart friends via the msn or facebook. At least, I'm still able to chat with them and letting them to know my latest news and life stories in Singapore. Sometimes it's sad enough for unable to keep in touch with my mom and dad whom I love most. I wish I could talk to them, hug them, kiss them and know all about them. I'm really missing them a lot. I'm just able to call them up once in a blue moon due to the expensive phone bills. (Gotta save money as quite broke for the moment) I'm just able to rely on my lovely sisters to update them on my latest stories. I love all of you! I love you, mommy and daddy! (Bro Ben, I miss Aunt Marie too! Send my hugs and kisses to her as well!) I miss the young little ones as well, Joseph, Joshua and Gaby! Muacks Muacks Muacks!
Don't worry my both sisters and couz bro, I'm doing fine here with new friends or I shall say my colleagues for the moment. Of course, I have no problem to communicate with anybody here even for my customers. I met a funny mid-aged couple customer today. They love the way I do my job and how I communicate with them. They are trying to offer me a job, but, I rejected them nicely. Although this job is tough, I still want to go through it as I felt I'm able to learn a lot and experience something different in my life. I don't wanna stop half way through. Back to my colleagues, they are really nice to me. I'm learning from them, yet I'm helping them in a way.

Chatting with my Sis and Bro: "Your little princess sister here flowing the Liew Family's Blood and Yap Family's Blood. I'm very humble and respect people first before I require people to respect me. Of course I know you do worry about me because I treat people very nice until I forgot to keep a safe side of my own. I will notice it. Ok? I do admit I'm quite blur (I know you will say very blur) and clumsy sometimes (always for you, right?)...hahaha! (I can hear you talking sis)I know, I know, I'll change it! You gonna be surprise as well because fyi your princess here is unable to take care of the beauty. No time and no chance to dress well, nail medicure, hair treatment and lots of beauty stuffs...(you'll know the best). Just like you, so sloppy. I can't wait to go back office and be my princess life...hahaha!
However, I'm really miss all of you so much! Love you always!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad Luck or Bad Day?

Most of the people who face problems or obtacles, they assume it is a bad luck for them. In fact, they are just having a bad day. Some of the people who is really bad luck thought they are just having the bad day. How could this happen? I know the behind reason of their thinking actually. For the first scenario, they are hoping a better luck is coming in order for them to get rid of the bad day. As for the second scenario, they will think positively that their good luck is coming with great day after their worst nightmare. I understand that because I go through myself personally for both.
Back to few days, I was stalked by a Bangladesh/ Indonesia Guy when I was way back to my house around 12am (I'm just finish working, poor thing!). There is no one waiting at the bus station which leads me to walk a distance back to my apartment. The guy was following me with the same speed as I do (I ran, he ran, I walked faster, he walked faster). It's pretty scary to me actually until I'm lucky enough to meet an uncle was looking at the guy who followed me which leads the guy to slow down. This is the best chance I ran as fast as possible even though my leg was pain and whole body is damn tired. I manage to get back safely.
Today, I felt tired and sleepy the whole day. I don't denied that I'm pretty much blurred to almost everything. I was so busy handling few customers at the same time until I almost forgot to get the drinks for them. However, I'm lucky to have my colleagues to remind and ask me on the serving drinks. (When you be humble to learn and respect people, people will help you initially) Thank God, the customers didn't complained or angry after I apologize with a big sweet smile! That is not the worst part. When I go back to my bag, I realize I lost my purse. I was panicked, shocked and devastating the same time. I was wondering did I left it anywhere or anyone touched my bag? I believe I might be clumsy as today as my soul and my mind left my body today.
I went to the Information Counter to have some luck on anyone who is kind enough to surrender my purse. Luckily, the lady asked me to approach the security office as they received a lost purse today. I ran to security office praying that is my purse with all my important documents such as IC and Employment Pass are there safely kept. I'm half relieved when I'm able to recognize my purse and all my documents are there. Unfortunately, it doesn't left any penny inside of my purse. I still felt the thunderstorm above my head with the sad violin playing surround me that particular time. I was wondering how could I survive without any money left until my salary on the 7th August...I felt so sad and devastating. I just pay an expensive lesson. I don't hope to hear any finger pointing advise. (for example, "Why you are so clumsy?".) It is because I know and I learn my lesson. I felt the pain and hurt.
I take some time to calm down myself and try to get back my proffesional ethics in order for me to continue my works. I'm still able to serve all the approached customers with smiles and put the things aside out of my mind. After I finished my works, I start to feel back the pain and hurt. I have to blame myself for being so clumsy and blurred. I'm really angry at myself. The only way to console myself is, at least I manage to have the purse and all my important documents back. I just pay a life caution lesson. Some people told me I'm just bad luck, as for me, yes it's bad luck to lost my purse in a bad day, this is the end of the unfortunate events. Luck is still surrounds me.